Paulina Logan


written by Paulina Logan


It's not that hard to sit here, all comfortable and numb

It's certainly easier than talking to someone

Can I, can I, can I stay here forever

I'm not the bravest girl that you could really meet

And I am much too wicked to be thought of as that sweet

And sometimes when I'm scared I don't soldier on

Because even when I know I'm right I admit to being wrong

Will I, will I, will I stay here forever

It seems like I have been through all of this before

And somehow I am thinking that by now I should know more

Every day that ends with me staring at the wall

Is before another morning of me waiting for that call

And I, and I, and I'll be here forever

And I, and I, and I'll be here forever

Until I change for the better I'll be here forever