1. I Hate 3AM

From the recording I Hate 3AM


It's 3 am and I'm thinking of going home
I don't like this place much, this place of lights and chrome
There are too many strangers, there are too many friends
It is 3 am, I don't know how to make amends
I hate 3 am I hate 3 am
It's so dark out the stars forgot to shine
Inside my head everything is already mine
There is too much fear, there is too much hate
It is 3 am and I am already late
I hate 3 am I hate 3 am
I can't sleep, there is too much noise
And this devil on my shoulder is controlling my voice
But the clock is ticking, the seconds go by
Too much hurt is now too much reason to cry
I hate 3 am I hate 3 am
What's the news today, I ask the TV
All I get is silence and standby pity
Media controlled by me, media controlled by you
Media controlled by everyone until it turns blue
I hate 3 am I hate 3 am
Stuck here awake, I am dying of thirst
For the common dream when the bubble burst
There was too much love, there was too much decency
I couldn't handle anything that I could see
I hate 3 am I hate 3 am
When the sun rises
3 am will be long gone
I guess I could use the time to write another song
There are not enough words, there are not enough notes
I would not be so concerned if I was not already broke
I hate 3 am I hate 3 am