HOTgirl Mixtape features "Wallflower"

Ecoute Fashion features "L.A."

Rockin' the Mistletoe features "Not Alone At Christmas"

GoGirls MusicFest features "Wallflower"

Rock Gone Wild features "Shut the Door"

Songsalive! Vol. 10 features "Too Far Gone"

Blow Up Vol. 2 features "Wallflower"

Free Lap Dances Vol. 5 features "Sorry"

Daisy Rock Summertime Playlist features "Near"

Women in Music features "Stay"

Busta Vol. 7 features "Wallflower"

Mad Love Sweet Love features "Sorry" and "Too Far Gone"

Bad Girls Don't Cry features "Sorry" and "Too Far Gone"

Females on Fire Vol. 3 features "Disturbing Behavior"

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