The 7th Song features "Ain't Got Much Use For You"

The Art of Women features "Stay"

Between the Miles features "Tangled"

Breathe: Phoenix Down Redux features "Shut the Door" and "Breathe (Acoustic)"

Broken Roads features "Lovely"

Citizen Mayor features "Too Far Gone" and "Stay"

Final Recourse features "Devil's Got My Soul"

Fragile World features "Tangled"

The Giant Steel Wall features "L.A."

I'll Haunt You When I'm Dead features "Wallflower"

Leaving Limbo features "Forever" 

A Little Conversation features "Shut the Door" and "I Hate 3am"

Obsessive features "For the Moon"

Rotkappchen: The Blood of Red Riding Hood features "Disturbing Behavior"

Secrets in the Fall features "Forever"

Secrets in the Snow features "Lovely"

Standing Up features "Shut the Door"

Tequila Sunrise features "Too Far Gone" and "Write You As Song"


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